When I run a game like angry birds in Google's default android virtual device which comes with android SDK , it will running without any problem but it is too slow.
So I decided to use GenyMotion Emulator because it is fast.

It's works fine.But when I install that game on Genymotion emulator , and when I click installed icon to run , the message appears : "Unfortunately Angry Birds Has Stopped".for some games like fruity ninja , it jumps out from the game's splash screen andthe above message appears again.Where is the problem ?
In virtual box I had increased the Video Memory to 128 MB and I had checked the enable 3D Acceleration for genymotion virtual device.
In Genymotion Virtual device , in genymotion configuration , item of Hardware OpenGL has been checked and the IP address has been assigned . where is the problem , also my windows is 8 .
thanks in advance.

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