I'm writing an Android application that needs to be able to seek to specific points in a large mp3 audio file (~90minutes) with good accuracy.
Currently, I'm using an OpenSL approach with an audio player object with a URI data source that specifies the mp3 file and MIME information.
To test this out, I use the SLSeekITF interface on the player to seek to specific points (specified in milliseconds). However, I find that the seeking performance is poor and inconsistent. Often the audio is 1-10 seconds off from where it should be. Sometimes ahead, sometimes behind. Performance is a little bit better using shorter mp3 files, but nowhere near close enough.
The Seek modes ("accurate" and "fast") don't seem to make any difference on SLSeekITF.
On other platforms, I can get the seek position to be very accurate < 50msec which is barely noticeable, so I know this is possible.
-Does anyone know how to get better accuracy out of the OpenSL audio player? -Are there known issues with this implementation? -Are there other mp3 decoders available that offer better performance?

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