I'm trying to implement LAME for an Android App, but I keep getting the error:

W/dalvikvm(2472): No implementation found for native Lcom/example/android/audio/util/LameWrapper;.init (IIIII)Vjava.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: init at com.example.android.audio.util.LameWrapper.init(Na tive Method) at com.example.android.audio.util.LameWrapper.init(La meWrapper.java:22) at com.example.android.audio.util.Recorder$1.run(Reco rder.java:51)I followed the steps to the answer (Lame MP3 Encoder compile for Android). I was able to generate the libmp3lame.so file. It is placed inside /libs/armeabi
I also created Android.mk file:

LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)LOCAL_C_INCLUDES := $(LOCAL_PATH)include $(CLEAR_VARS)LAME_LIBMP3_DIR := lame-3.99.5_libmp3lameLOCAL_MODULE := mp3lameLOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/bitstream.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/fft.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/id3tag.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/mpglib_interface.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/presets.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/quantize.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/reservoir.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/tables.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/util.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/VbrTag.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/encoder.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/gain_analysis.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/lame.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/newmdct.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/psymodel.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/quantize_pvt.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/set_get.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/takehiro.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/vbrquantize.c $(LAME_LIBMP3_DIR)/version.cinclude $(BUILD_SHARED_LIBRARY)I used -javah to create the com_example_android_audio_LameWrapper.h file. I used the .h to create com_example_android_audio_util_LameWrapper.c:

JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_com_example_android_audio_util_LameWrapper_in it( JNIEnv *env, jclass cls, jint inSamplerate, jint outChannel, jint outSamplerate, jint outBitrate, jint quality) { if (glf != NULL) { lame_close(glf); glf = NULL; } glf = lame_init(); lame_set_in_samplerate(glf, inSamplerate); lame_set_num_channels(glf, outChannel); lame_set_out_samplerate(glf, outSamplerate); lame_set_brate(glf, outBitrate); lame_set_quality(glf, quality); lame_init_params(glf);}The actual java wrapper LameWrapper.java:

public class LameWrapper { public static void init(int inSamplerate, int outChannel, int outSamplerate, int outBitrate) { init(inSamplerate, outChannel, outSamplerate, outBitrate, 7); } public native static void init(int inSamplerate, int outChannel, int outSamplerate, int outBitrate, int quality);I created a "Recorder.java" object to load in the mp3lame library. The recorder object has a "start" method which calls on the functions from LameWrapper.

public class Recorder { static { System.loadLibrary("mp3lame"); } public void start(){ //starts a thread, sets some values LameWrapper.init(RECORDER_SAMPLERATE, 2, RECORDER_SAMPLERATE, 32); }I then call on the Recorder object in my MainActivity.
I have searched through much of stack overflow and could not find the answer. Usually for the "no implementation found error", the files are being named incorrectly. However, I am fairly certain I named the packages correctly.
Could someone point me in the right direction? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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