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The golden rules of bug reporting.

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by , 07-11-2013 at 07:38 AM (3613 Views)
To report a bug in software testing life cycle to able to understand clearly by the concerned people, follow the below rules (also called golden rules of software bug reporting). The below rules are extracted based on the years of practical experience and solid theory of testing.

Do make only one change request for every bug:

a. This will enable you to keep track of count of the number of bugs in the application being tested.
b. The testers or the project leaders will give the appropriate priority for the bugs separately since its only one bug and not associated any bug content with it.
c. The testers will be able to test each resolved bug as its fully resolved and has clarity on what to test part of resolution.

Do give step by step description of the bugs or the problems:

Please provide step by step description of the bug so that others on the loop will easily understand to get this fixed early.
Ex: Type on the browser address bar and click enter.
On landing the queforum main page, enter the valid username and password and lick on login.
On entering the valid credentials, application returning the server error.

Do explain the problem in plain language:

a. Developers or regression-testers don't necessarily have business knowledge.
b. Don't use business terminology as the testers/developers need technical terminology rather than business terminology.

Please be concrete:

a. Errors usually don't appear for every case you test. So the bugs sometimes intermittent.
b. What is the difference between this case (that failed) and other cases (that didn't fail)? Mention if the bugs are intermittent.

Please give a clear explanation on the circumstances where the bug appeared:

a. Give concrete information (field names, numbers, names and etc etc...)

If a result is not as expected, indicate what is expected exactly:

a. Not OK : "The message given in this screen is not correct".
b. OK: "The message that appears in the Client screen when entering a wrong Client number is "enter client number".
This should be a valid text: "Enter a valid client number please"

Explain why (in tester's opinion) the request is a "show stopper":
a. Don't expect other contributors to the project always know what is important.
b. If you know a certain bug is critical, explain why!. Tester has right to do so!

Last but not least: don't forget to use screen shots!:
a. One picture says more than 1000 words.
b. Use advanced tools to explain clearly.

If testers follow these rules, it will be a real time and money saver for your project ! Don't expect the testers to know this by themselves. Explain these rules to them and give feedback when they do bad bug reporting so that it saves the time of all the team members other wise a simple bug will need lot of communication to understand and which inturns eat up lot of people time.

So, happy bug reporting !!

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