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Thread: Access File Recovery software

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    Access File Recovery software

    Access File Recovery software efficiently restores OLE and memo data. The ease of use and simplicity make the software user friendly. The tool has interactive screens and graphical interface. It converts MDE database files to MDB in a precise manner. It keeps the original format intact even after the conversion. All you need to do is start the software, browse damaged file, select between Standard or Template mode accordingly and click Repair.

    Read more:- QuickBooks File Recovery Tool to Repair QuickBooks Database(.qbw)Files

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    Kernel for Access, a prominent solution to recover complete MS Access file data without any error. The software supports the recovery of data from MBD and ACCDB files of MS Access in quick time. The software is provided with dual recovery modes - Standard Mode and Template Mode, which users can try as per their requirement. To get interact with the features and functionalities of the software, users can download its free trial version from: MDB Repair Software for Repairing Inaccessible or Corrupted Access Database

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    Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery tool Repairs damaged or corrupt Access .mdf files comes with all the major options and features with ribbon arrangement. So, there is no need to browse along the software for longer. All the options like Save, Select Database, Exit, Stop, Find Tree Item etc. are arranged in the ribbon. It also repairs corrupt MS Access (.MDB or .ACCDB) database file and then recover tables, queries, forms, macros, reports, etc.

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    How to repair Access database file?

    Instead of using any paid software for repairing Access database, you can try few easy manual tricks which are as effective as professional Access Database Recovery software. Microsoft Access provides you a built-in repair feature, known as Compact and Repair utility. You can try it to repair Access database. Microsoft also provides you one more tool to repair Access database, JetComp.exe. There's one more thing you can try here. You can try to import corrupt database into a new database. I can share this blog post here in which you can find the complete information: Repair Access Database with Compact and Repair Utility | N. Sem's Blog

    Before you can use any such paid software, you must try the manual tricks shared in the above blog post. I hope it would be helpful here.

    Thanks and best regards.

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