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Thread: Load half records into one table and another half into other table - informatica

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    Load half records into one table and another half into other table - informatica

    I have flat file as source. It contains N number of rows. I want to load half of the records from the flat file into one target table and the other half of the record into another table.

    How to implement a mapping logic for this in informatica etl tool?

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    The first step is to find the number of records, then only it is possible to know exactly what the half number is.

    Your mapping structure should e SRC->SQ->EXP->SORTER->EXP->ROUTER->TGT(s).

    Follow the below steps to solve your problem:

    Connect the ports of source qualifier to the expression transformation. In the expression transformation, generate the sequence numbers by adding the below ports
    v_count (variable port) = v_count+1
    o_count (output port  ) = o_count
    Connect the expression transformation to the sorter transformation and sort the data on o_count port in descending order.
    Connect the sorter to expression transformation and add the below ports in expression transformation:
    v_count (variable port) = v_count+1
    v_total_records (variable port) = IIF(v_count =1, o_count, v_total_records)
    o_count1 = v_count
    o_total_records = v_total_records
    Connect the expression transformation to the router and create a output group and assign the condition as o_count1 < o_total_records/2.
    connect the output group to one target and the default group to another target.

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