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Thread: Informatica Real time scenarios

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    Ans 1) For question pls refer real time scenarios posted by Vijay. below is ans for Q1

    FF->SQ->sorter trf->exp trf->transaction ctrl trf -> tgt

    1)Though in source the records are in sorted order, assuming records are not in sorted order hence using sorter trf to sort records in ascending order.
    2) In exp trf we need 2 variable ports and 2 output ports.
    v_new_cat(variable port)= IIF(category=v_prev_cat,0,1)
    o_filename= 'CAT_'||category||'.csv'
    3) connect to transaction control trf,drag all ports from exp trf.
    In condition we have write as below

    4) Connect category,product,o_filename ports from trans ctrl trf to tgt.

    Tht's it, create workflow and run it, so that 2 tgt files will be generated (2 in this case for each category).


    #Category Product
    1 samsung mobile
    1 nokia mobile
    1 htc mobile
    1 iphone mobile


    #Category Product
    2 dell laptop
    2 hp laptop
    2 hcl laptop
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