I am working on this website( based). I am sure I have all open graph meta data set, however, when I run it through facebook debugger, it shows up 206 response code. Alleged "open graph data" displayed below are inconsistent with the website's true content.(however, they reflect how the website appeared earlier, right after it was on for the first time).
If i debug one of the articles in the website, for example" , it returns - 404 response code, critical error, URL returned a bad HTTP response code...Where can be a problem?
According to my hosting provider, i have an alternative access adress to my FTP server, if DNS was not refreshed yet. It is as follows:
When i debug this adress, same 206 code appears, however, when i debug this: It works, and the code that facebook scraper sees for that url is actually the correct and corresponding one(which can't be said for the and
Thanks in advance.

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