I've added two widgets to my blog - http://www.raisethecurve.com - one on the sidebar and one attached to each post.
I've uploaded a 900x900 og:image to the tumblr static servers, which can be found in my
FB Debug
After scouring the forum and applying every fix I could find, nothing has worked.
What stumps me the most about this is the fact that the sidebar box_count widget works, but the post-embed widget doesn't.
If anyone has any ideas, I'd be grateful for your help.

{block:PermalinkPage} {block:Posts} {block:Text} {block:Title} {/block:Title} {/block:Text} {block:Photo} {block:Caption}{/block:Caption} {/block:Photo} {block:Photoset} {block:Photos} {/block:Photos} {block:Caption}{/block:Caption} {/block:Photoset} {block:Quote} {/block:Quote} {block:Link} {/block:Link} {block:Chat} {/block:Chat} {block:Audio} {block:AlbumArt}{/block:AlbumArt} {/block:Audio} {block:Video} {block:Caption}{/block:Caption} {/block:Video} {block:Answer} {/block:Answer} {/block:Posts}{/block:PermalinkPage}{block:IndexPage}{/block:IndexPage}


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