I am new to this, but was curious how one might be able to call data from various social networks in an application. Is it possible to query this information and display it without having the user log in? My idea would be to collect specific trending items or hashtags on twitter and facebook, and list them with information such as the user who posted the comment, their picture, etc. The point would be for someone to be able to search a trending topic or hashtag and see information from both social networks. How can I call this data in an application page and display it appropriately for what a user might typically expect from their own individual apps for this?
I would like to be able to comment or share on these networks as well. So i'm assuming a log in will be required. Is there a good way to do this for both? Or will I need to allow a user to log into each account individually. I could use the ShareMediaTask or ShareStatusTask for WP8, but any other suggestions would be helpful as well.

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