I have used Mobile App Ads Install” to promote my app via “Facebook”, I can see the ads appearing within the “news feed section“ of the users but the issue is that :
Even if user installs the app , the ads appears again and again, how can I stop the occurrence of ads multiple times when user has installed the app once?
I believe this issue could negatively impact the app as Facebook's algorithm places a high negative penalty on the 'quality score' of apps that have high percentages of "X-outs" or spam complaints.
I have gone through the documentation specified at : “https://developers.facebook.com/docs...obile-app-ads/“ but I am confused about the steps to follow in order to "Exclude the people to show these ads who already have the app installed?"
Am I only required to specify the "fb+App_Id" in my apps Info.plist or I too need to write the two lines of code specified below ?
[FBSettings setDefaultAppID:YOUR_APP_ID];[FBAppEvents activateApp];
Can some one please help me through this ?

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