I have an application which authenticates users with Facebook using omniauth. I am getting all the data I need for this including the access token. I am using the Koala gem to communicate with Facebooks graph API which is working fine. So I have the following:

models/authentication.rbdef facebook @facebook ||= Koala::Facebook::API.new(oauth_token)endSo using the usual koala commands works fine:

facebook.get_object("me") etc etcI now want to pull in the users photos using something like:

facebook.get_object("me/photos")This just returns an empty array. So I have looked into it and realised that I need to set the permission on Facebook developers site under permissions/User & Friend Permissions. This however doesn't seem to have any affect as when I run:

facebook.get_connections("me", "permissions")I don't see the the user_photos permission in the returned array.
This is what I think is causing the issue, but not sure why it's not coming through.
Please let me know if there is any other information I could provide.Any help will be much appreciated. Many thanks

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