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Thread: Why ‘Reading‘ is done in parallel and ‘Writing‘ is not in HDFS?

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    Why ‘Reading‘ is done in parallel and ‘Writing‘ is not in HDFS?

    Please let me know why ‘Reading‘ is done in parallel and ‘Writing‘ is not in HDFS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rohan View Post
    Please let me know why ‘Reading‘ is done in parallel and ‘Writing‘ is not in HDFS?
    The Reading is done in parallel because by doing so we can access the data fast. But we do not perform the write operation in parallel. The reason is that if we perform the write operation in parallel, then it might result in data inconsistency. For example, you have a file and two nodes are trying to write data into the file in parallel, then the first node does not know what the second node has written and vice-versa. So, this makes it confusing which data to be stored and accessed.

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