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Thread: Library to import photos from iPhone to windows computer

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    Library to import photos from iPhone to windows computer

    The objective is to build a program (Windows application in . NET ) that can detect the insertion of an iPhone and then get the photos of the consumer ( all ios versions ).
    We are looking for :
    - Either a specialized library
    - Or an example of code
    - Or a program test
    Detail :
    We are an IT service provider and work for one of our clients on a photo kiosk software (> 2000 deployed terminals) .
    We encounter a problem on a particular function : importing customer's photos from their iPhone via USB cable.
    The principle of operation is as follows :
    1 . The consumer chooses to retrieve his photos from his iPhone.
    2 . A screen displays a visual situation (iPhone, USB cable, insert into USB port) .
    3 . Once the application detects that the iPhone is inserted, a scan is initiated and photographs stored on the iPhone are recovered at the terminal for photo printing.
    To proceed, we were using the Manzana library ( 1) , itself based on Apple ApplicationMobileDevice components. This was working well until the ios6 release.
    Since the release of ios7 , we encounter many problems:
    1. Some iPhone are never detected (some ios7 iPhone).
    2. At the first insertion of the iPhone, the consumer has to click on a link " Trust computer " on his iPhone and it blocks our software.
    We took the initiative to stop using Manzana. We’re now using a porting of the LibMobileDevice library for Win32 using usbmux (2).
    Several disadvantages:
    1. We are not sure of arriving at a correct result (plus tests are slow as we must simulate the act of inserting a first time iPhone, needing terminal reset... )
    2 . Unofficial solution (continuity? )
    3 . Unsecured stability
    In summary, we don’t know if we are on the right track. So we’re seeking a library in C # managed code :
    - Running under Windows XP SP2 or 3, NET framework 3.0.
    - With detection of :
    o iPhone insertion (event), even the first insertion
    iPhone removal
    - Allowing to list the pictures on the device
    - Allowing to download pictures from the camera
    - As a permanent and stable solution (public use).
    We are open to any idea so as we can move forward on this issue.
    For example , we try to contact Apple support , analyze the possibilities of wifi transfer etc ...
    Finally, note that we also tried WIA access but we have quickly encountered other problems. However, if you have information on this subject, they are welcome.
    Thank you in advance for your help,

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