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Thread: How to recover photos from iPhone

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    How to recover photos from iPhone

    I recently upgraded my iphone, and in the process of restoring my iphone, my photos and some other settings were not restored. I'm very upset about the photos.... Before I performed the upgrade, I backed up my iphone, however it appears that the backup did not backup my pictures. I really want them back, Is there any way how to recover photos from iPhone?

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    If your iPhone photos are indeed gone, I would suggest you try using iTunes in order to restore your iPhone data (including photos)from the last time you last sycned your iPhone with your iTunes. Here is about how to recover photos from iPhone.

    Here are two easy methods to recover deleted photos from iPhone
    One. Recover photos from iPhone yourself via iTunes:
    1. Connect your iPhone with iTunes on computer
    2. Right-click or control-click on the iPhone icon under iDevice on iTunes
    3. Select "Restore from Backup" from the given options
    4. After it finishes, your SMS are back to your iPhone

    Important Note: This works only if you have made a backup for your photos on iTunes.

    Two. Recover photos from iPhone by using third party iPhone Photo Recovery programe
    If you have no backup for your photo, you can download iPhone Photo recovery software in order to overcome the problem and restore iPhone photo loss. Still you have not recovered lost photo from iPhone, some on-line applications also available which can be helpful in restoring precious photo details, probably will be able to find the solution to some extent.

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    Use iPhone Data Recovery to recover deleted photos from iPhone
    Step1: Run the program and connect your device
    After the installation, run the program on your computer, and then connect your device (e.g. iPhone 5) to the program.

    Step 2: Start to scan the device
    Click "Start scan" button to start to scan the device for the deleted photos.

    Step 3: Selectively recover the photos for iOS device
    After the file scanning, you can see all the data found on your device, both the existing or deleted data included. Click the corresponding category in the left panel like Camera Roll, Contacts, Messages, etc. and you can see the detailed content of each category. Select the files that you'd like to recover and click "Recover" button to save them on your computer.
    How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone?

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