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Thread: iPhone 4 stuck in recovery loop

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    Lightbulb iPhone 4 stuck in recovery loop

    I have what seems to be a common problem with iPhones (mine is an iPhone 4), a recovery loop, so I try to restore it but now I get this error:
    "Unable to restore iPhone. Unknown error -1"
    And it fails to restore after saying
    "Restoring iPhone firmware"
    I've tried using a local ipsw file (iPhone3,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw) however I get error 3194. I don't care about any of the data on the phone if that matters. I think the phone was jailbroken before the recovery loop.
    How do I fix this and get some (any) firmware successfully into the phone?

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    I once had the same issue and it cost me over 2 hours to solved this question. And I finally get iPhone 4 out of recovery mode loop.
    If you're having the same problem, connect your iPhone to your computer. It should open up iTunes and ask you to restore the iPhone in order to take it out of recovery mode. Trust me, I was panicking and was afraid to lose all of my data, but don't worry. To fix it, you do need to restore it, but you need to make sure you have all of your data backed up on your computer! DO not restore it if you don't have your data backed up, this will erase your data completely on your phone. After you've backed it up, you can restore your phone, follow the steps, and wait for your phone to restore to the factory settings. Do not panic like I did, just relax, disconnect your phone from your computer safely, reconnect your iPhone to it again, and iTunes should come up. When it tells you, "Welcome to Your New iPhone", you can choose the option to restore it from your last backup, and let it take time for all of your data to reload into your phone. Remember, be patient with your phone and all will be well. Hope this helps you.
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    I once met this problem and here is the way I did when iPhone stuck in recovery mode:

    1.Press down the Home and Power buttons on your iPhone until it shuts off.
    2.Connect it to your computer with the USB cable.
    3.Press and hold down the Home button.
    4.Hold it down until iTunes says your device is entering recovery mode.

    Now you should be able to Restore using iTunes. Hope this can help you so much.
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    Have you ever tried iPhone Data Recovery ?
    iPhone stuck in recovery mode happens all the time. I fixed my iPhone with this tool and it helped me recover all lost data back! How amazing it was!
    You can give it a go and it won't fail you too.
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