Is there any detailed documentation available for the netezza system catalog tables? Like the comments and explanation on the columns for these tables.

I am specifically looking to understand the columns in _v_system_util and _v_plan_resource.

eg - In the view _v_system_util what does the HOST_CPU, HOST _DISK etc. values actually mean.. is that in seconds or is it a percentage ? How do I interpret these values ?

Also, in the view _v_plan_resource there are many columns like HOST_CPU_SECS, SPU_DISK_READ secs etc. I understand that these are in seconds and think its the AVG and MAX (for MAX_xxx columns). I also see the same values at the end in the query's plan file which I get from the plan-id. But then lets say the EXECUTION_SECS says 100 - So does that mean that adding all the averages - CPU + DISKR + DISK W + Fabric + Host CPU and multiply by the number of SPU's should get me to 100 secs ? Need help in understanding this.

Can someone please help me with this ?