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Thread: Problem witch Huawei switches and WIMAX

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    Problem witch Huawei switches and WIMAX

    Hi everyone. I have problem with communication via WIMAX station. I have some simple topology:
    INTERNET<---->AR200<--->S3700<---->S2700<--->WIMAX Station (AVIATION) <----> WIMAX Client (AVIATION)
    There is a simple configuration on devices (NAT, one VLAN, all port setting on switch like speed, duplex etc. are default ). The target is to give WIMAX clients Internet access. On S3700 I have DHCP Server for WIMAX clients. What is the problem? When I connect my laptop directly to one of the ports on S2700 I get IP from DHCP, I can ping default gateway (which is on S3700) and I have Internet access. But when I am connected via WIMAX client I get IP address from DHCP but I can't ping even default gateway and of course I don't have access to Internet! I have newest soft and path version on devices.
    Thank you for any suggestion

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    If your pc can access Internet when connecting to S2700, I think DHCP configuration of S2700&S3700 is ok. I think you can check the link between WIMAX Station & WIMAX Client.

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