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Thread: Flashback - Recover deleted data - oracle datbase

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    Flashback - Recover deleted data - oracle datbase

    The flashback feature in oracle database allows you to recover the deleted data. The following example shows how to recover the data at a point of time using the flashback feature:

    Insert into temp_table
    select * from tablename
    AS OF TIMESTAMP ('01-OCT-12 00:00:00','DD-MON-YY HH24: MI: SS'));
    This insert statement is to recover the data at the specified point of time. Now we have to get the system change number (SCN).

    This query gives the SCN number. Let say the SCN number is 20560806678. The final step is to recover the data and insert into the temp table.

    INSERT INTO temp_table
    (SELECT * FROM tablename AS OF SCN 20560806678);

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    Oracle database corruption is very embarrassing for the user of this database because they are totally dependent on the database. There are many reasons of database corruption and by knowing that causes you can protect your database from corruption.

    • Due to any virus attack. It can totally damage your database and make it inaccessible.
    • Due to damage operating system database will get corrupted.
    • If any hardware problem or malfunctioning are occurs in to the computer system then it will also corrupt your database.
    • Improper shut down of the database when it is running.
    • Database will also get corrupted due to the corruption of Media.

    In manual process corrupted database can be repaired by applying lengthy commands and codes on the command prompt which is very difficult to remember for the normal user of computer. In Automatic process any one can repair and restore corrupted database easily because in this process database can be repaired by using any third party oracle database repair tool.

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    Hi thank you I like it

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    Thanks for the answers and it made my life simpler

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