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Thread: Difference between decode and case statements / functions

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    Difference between decode and case statements / functions

    The differences between case and decode statements are listed below:

    • DECODE can work with only scalar values but CASE can work with logical operators, predicates and search-able sub queries.
    • CASE can work as a PL/SQL construct but DECODE is used only in SQL statements.CASE can be used as parameter of a function/procedure.
    • CASE expects data type consistency, DECODE does not.
    • CASE complies with ANSI SQL. DECODE is proprietary to Oracle.
    • CASE executes faster in the optimizer than does DECODE.
    • CASE is a statement while DECODE is a function.

    The search-able case statement is similar to the decode function. This is shown below:

    Case dept_id when 10 
                      then return_value1
                      when  20
                      then return_value2
                      else  return_value3
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