I would like to display the channel that user want to search from php.In database (postgres), there is not "channel" column database, but I have "callid" database that has a format : CA1235, "CA" here means call. For the option Im using a different database. this is the code
$queva=pg_query("SELECT callid,
CASE WHEN callid like '%CA%' THEN 'call' END as channel
from call where channel like '%$VEChan%'
and it's error. I know that Column "channel" is never exist in database since I generate it in query for naming only. But how if I would like to display those aliases name that is same with user's choice? There will be additional channels after call. EM12345 for email. CH12345 for chat and SO12345 for social media. with each has its own id ; emailid,chatid,socid need to be filtered.

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