With WebDriver and PageFactory, using Java we are implementing a new automation project, and we've been experimenting with various ways of having PageObjects created. We're torn on a few different ideas, and want to make sure we don't work ourselves into a corner.
Is it best to, as documented in the WebDriver documentation, provide an initialized WebDriver to a PageFactory, along with the class template to create a new PageObject?

driver.get(URL);PageObject page = PageFactory.initElements(driver, PageObject.class);// elsewhereclass PageObject { private WebDriver driver; public PageObject(WebDriver driver) { this.driver = driver; this.validateUrl(); } public void validateUrl() throws Exception { if (!driver.getUrl().equals(url)) { throw new Exception("URL not valid"); } }}However, since the PageObject knows a lot about itself, such as perhaps its URL, can we not have the Page Object do the work?

PageObject page = new PageObject(driver);page.goToUrl();// elsewhereclass PageObject { private WebDriver driver; private String url; public PageObject(WebDriver driver) { PageFactory.initElements(driver, this); } public void goToUrl() { driver.get(url); }}I suppose I don't see much of an advantage to having the PageFactory do the instantiation versus just initialization, however I don't want to stray from the standards setup by the architects if there's a reason for it.

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