I am building an interface using python that takes from a collector table -> hands over to a common interface table -> transform and fire to an external system. I also have poller to update status back to both the interface table and collector table.
@synch.route("/ssr_synch", methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def callSSRSynch():
batch_txn_id = request.args.get('batch_txn_id')
if request.method == 'POST':
batch_txn_id = request.form['batch_txn_id']
if request.form['synch'] == 'synch':
if app.config['stub'] == 'False':
ssr_provisioning.main() #for interface table
form = "Synch completed for batch transaction id %s" % (batch_txn_id,)
Currently, after the call is trigger by the request, the collector and proviisioning run before the poller. I want the poller to be started independent from the collector and provisioning.
Not sure if threading is the best approach or is there a easier solution?

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