I have a CSV file that is being constantly appended. It has multiple headers and the only common thing among the headers is that the first column is always "NAME".
How do I split the single CSV file into separate CSV files, one for each header row?
here is a sample file:

"NAME","AGE","SEX","WEIGHT","CITY""Bob",20,"M",120 ,"New York""Peter",33,"M",220,"Toronto""Mary",43,"F",130 ,"Miami""NAME","COUNTRY","SPORT","NUMBER","SPORT", "NUMBER""Larry","USA","Football",14,"Baseball",22" Jenny","UK","Rugby",5,"Field Hockey",11"Jacques","Canada","Hockey",19,"Volleyba ll",4"NAME","DRINK","QTY""Jesse","Beer",6"Wendel", "Juice",1"Angela","Milk",3

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