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  1. How to build remote access from one laptop to other laptop
  2. No Connection Internet but Wireless Works
  3. No Connection Internet but Wireless Works
  4. What is the difference between TCP 4 way handshake and WPA 4 way handshake
  5. How can the desktop of a Linux system viewed from Windows
  6. How the IPSEC do protocols, ESP and AH provides replay protection
  7. Common applications of virtualisation
  8. Ethical Hacking course in Chennai
  9. Hacking Training in Chennai
  10. Ethical Hacking Course Chennai
  11. Ethical Hacking Class
  12. Problem witch Huawei switches and WIMAX
  13. I would like to know can SFP GLC-GE-100FX work with WS-C2960S-48LPS-L?
  14. Improve the switched network on a customer site
  15. what is FlexStack technology?
  16. Indoor mapping using the Android applications
  17. WS-C2960S-24TS-L did not work!
  18. How to locate the router housing IP nat translation?
  19. Can 10GE Optical Interfaces of a Switch Work upon a Unidirectional Fiber Connection?
  20. Can 10GE Optical Interfaces of a Switch Work upon a Unidirectional Fiber Connection?
  21. How to Configure an IP Address for the Management Interface of a Switch
  22. Cann't access internet
  23. A mac-address problem
  24. Embedded Software
  25. Computer Networking
  26. help required on HR MIB
  27. How does GPRS works?
  28. Different classes of GPRS and their uses?
  29. Simulator and Emulator
  30. Evolution-Data Optimized
  31. 3GPP Long Term Evolution
  32. High Speed Packet Access
  33. Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution
  34. What is WiMAX?
  35. Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
  36. Whais is CDMA2000? Explain!
  37. Explain what is 2G?
  38. Explain what is 4G?
  39. Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
  40. International Telecommunication Union?
  41. Explain what is 3G?
  42. LBO stands for in Telecom and IT sectors?
  43. LC stands for?
  44. LCAS meaning?
  45. LCD stands for?
  46. LCT stands for?
  47. LDAP in Telecom and IT sectors?
  48. LDS stands for?
  49. LEC meaning?
  50. LEO stands for?
  51. LER meaning?
  52. LH meaning in Telecom and IT sectors?
  53. LIM means?
  54. MOR meaning?
  55. M-Plane meaning?
  56. MPT meaning in Telecom and IT sector?
  57. MS-AIS meaning and Telecom and IT section?
  58. MS-R meaning?
  59. MSO meaning?
  60. MIS-W meaning?
  61. Limit P2P traffic in routers
  62. Building PBB networks without spanning tree
  63. 3G network radio configuration parameters?
  64. Location-based services to carriers?
  65. Benfits of MPLS VPN/VPLS connections?
  66. Advantages of 4G netwroks over 3G networks?
  67. Mobile backhaul is now a bigger fibre driver than FTTP?
  68. Boxee Box Virtual Private Network
  69. Main components of Transaction-based Systems
  70. Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
  71. Characteristics of Client/Server
  72. Structured Query Langauge (SQL)
  73. Roles of SQL?
  74. Base services provided by the OS
  75. Service-specific middleware
  76. Middleware?
  77. Message Oriented Middleware (MOM)
  78. Non-GUI clients, GUI Clients and OOUI Clients
  79. Classification of clients
  80. Three types of SQL database server architecture
  81. Services provided by the Operating System
  82. Benefits obtained by using the Client/Server oriented TP Monitors
  83. Client/Server
  84. Major technologies that can be used to create Client/Server applications
  85. File server
  86. Types of Servers
  87. Two broad classes of middleware
  88. Groupware server
  89. Horizontal scaling and Vertical scaling
  90. Fat clients and Fat servers
  91. Load balancing
  92. 2-Tier architecture
  93. 3-Tier architecture
  94. What is OLTP?
  95. Link Management Protocol - LMP
  96. Bluetooth dongle
  97. Bluetooth SIG
  98. FEC in Bluetooth
  99. What is Airport in Bluetooth?
  100. What is DOS attack?
  101. Signal strength transmitted by cell phones
  102. What is RJ-45?
  103. Piconet
  104. Digital Signatures
  105. Two types of transmission technologies
  106. At which layer of the DOD model the UDP works?
  107. What does 'P' mean when running a Trace?
  108. Protocol number for UDP
  109. Difference between the communication and transmission
  110. Types of Transmission media
  111. Protocol Data Unit
  112. Major types of networks
  113. Passive topology
  114. Frame relay
  115. What is mesh network?
  116. Networking/internetworking devices
  117. How Gateway is different from Routers?
  118. What is Brouter?
  119. What is subnet?
  120. What is SAP in networking?
  121. "triple X" in Networks
  122. Terminal emulation
  123. What is Beaconing?
  124. What is redirector?
  125. What is NETBIOS and NETBEUI?
  126. What is RAID?
  127. What is cladding?
  128. What is attenuation?
  129. Difference between bit rate and baud rate
  130. Project 802
  131. Data units at different layers of the TCP/IP protocol suite
  132. What is ICMP?
  133. Difference between ARP and RARP
  134. Minimum and maximum length of the header in the TCP segment and IP datagram
  135. Range of addresses in the classes of internet addresses
  136. TFTP and FTP application layer protocols
  137. What is 5-4-3 rule?
  138. What is MAU?
  139. Routable and non-routable protocols
  140. OSI Reference Model
  141. What is virtual channel?
  142. Virtual path
  143. Packet filter
  144. Traffic shaping
  145. Multicast routing
  146. What is region?
  147. Silly window syndrome
  148. Digrams and Trigrams
  149. wide-mouth frog
  150. Interior Gateway Protocol - IGP
  151. Exterior Gateway Protocol - EGP
  152. Autonomous system
  153. Border Gateway Protocol - BGP
  154. Gateway-to-Gateway protocol
  155. Network Virtual Terminal - NVT
  156. What is a Multi-homed Host?
  157. What is Kerberos?
  158. What is OSPF?
  159. Proxy ARP
  160. Serial Line Interface Protocol - SLIP
  161. Routing Information Protocol - RIP
  162. Source Route
  163. Characteristic of Store and Forward switches
  164. Advantages and disadvantages of the three types of routing tables
  165. Purpose of HELLO protocol
  166. Difference between interior and exterior neighbor gateways
  167. Protocols used by DNS name servers
  168. DNS resource record
  169. Network looking for its IP address and the location of its operating system boot file
  170. OSI Reference Layer controls application to application communication
  171. External Data Representation
  172. Mount protocol
  173. Application layer over the Session layer connection
  174. Pseudo tty
  175. Anonymous FTP and use of it?
  176. Management Information Base (MIB)
  177. Function of Transmission Control Block
  178. Unspecified passive open and a Fully specified passive open
  179. 10Base2, 10Base5 and 10BaseT Ethernet LANs
  180. Purpose of TTL
  181. Can we run STP and RSTP in a same box?
  182. Difference between STP and RSTP
  183. Different port role in STP and RSTP
  184. Different states of STP
  185. How frequent the STP information will be exchanged?
  186. How a switch will identify that it has received a STP packet?
  187. Multicast address used in STP
  188. What is MSTP?
  189. What is RSTP?
  190. Install two operating system in one PC
  191. Explain 802.1Q header?
  192. Relation between spanning tree and VLAN
  193. Untagged packet to a tagged port
  194. Response of switch when we send tagged packet on access port
  195. VLAN and its Use
  196. VLAN tagging/un-tagging process
  197. Two computers communicate each other when they are connected through L2 or L3 switch
  198. Switch behaves for mcase packet if Snooping is not enabled
  199. What is binding order?
  200. What is ACLS?
  201. Different ways to achieve the network security
  202. Troubleshoot the network, techniques, commands
  203. Active directory
  204. Troubleshoot a situation where there is no display on a monitor
  205. Troubleshooting blue screen errors in win xp
  206. Datagram, datagram packets and datagram sockets
  207. Different between installation and configuration
  208. Principle of least privilege
  209. What is IPSec?
  210. What is SMTP?
  211. What is HTTP?
  212. World Wide Web
  213. Retransmission technique in Networking
  214. Point to point network
  215. Protocols in application layer
  216. Broadcasting
  217. Mail Gateway
  218. What do you mean by Bluetooth?
  219. Asynchronous mode of data transmission
  220. Pulse amplitude modulation
  221. Difference between baseband and broadband transmission
  222. What is logical link control?
  223. What is full duplex?
  224. What is half-duplex?
  225. What is simplex?
  226. What is Redundancy?
  227. Question related to leave message and group specific timer in IGMP
  228. Point to point connection
  229. Distributed processing
  230. Data communication
  231. What is TELNET
  232. Virtual channel
  233. Duties of data link layer
  234. Important tropologies for Netwrorks
  235. Define bandwidth
  236. what is the 5-4-3 rule?
  237. Skype and Free Software Perfectionists
  238. HTTP basic authentication
  239. Pipelining
  240. Virtual hosting
  241. Escaped and unescaped data
  242. Static Routes
  243. Setting defaultrouter
  244. What is traceroute?
  245. What is Ping?
  246. Routing starts up?
  247. What is ARP?
  248. Is VoIP reliable?
  249. VoIP working and how it is different from traditional phone service
  250. Some disadvantages of VoIP