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  1. What is data context class? Explain its role?
  2. What is difference between $window and window in AngularJS?
  3. How can I add/delete rows using DOM?
  4. How do you get the Row Index using DOM?
  5. How do you add 7 days to the current date?
  6. Difference between the script type and language attributes
  7. What can't JavaScript do?
  8. How do you count the number of forms in a page?
  9. How do you reset a form?
  10. Checking the cordinates of the screen using DOM
  11. Add or modify attributes of an element
  12. Detect the browser using DOM
  13. Difference between document.write and document.writeln
  14. Using DOM Change the colspan of a table row
  15. Using DOM Align the cell content in a table row
  16. Write some text in the windows status bar
  17. Document.getElementById will work in a browser or not
  18. Difference between document.open and window.open
  19. Difference between DHTML and the DOM
  20. Checking Objects, methods and properties
  21. Change the backgroundColor, z-index, left position and font family of an element
  22. What does innerHTML do ?
  23. What is DOM?
  24. z-index problem in IE6 browser with select box
  25. Remove the properties from json object
  26. Form Validation using javascript
  27. Adding favicon in the html page
  28. Precache the images using javascript
  29. Getting the size of JSON object in javascript
  30. Creating html elements and append to body tag in javascript
  31. Getting the browser infromation in javascript
  32. Best way to concatinate the multiples strings in javascript
  33. How '+' symbol will behave in javascript?
  34. Clearing the values in form using javascript
  35. Adding events to the html elements using javascript
  36. Getting the checked value from radio buttons
  37. Difference between the readonly and disabled properties
  38. Sending the form data to server by using javascript
  39. Stopping the event propagation
  40. Stopping the default action for anchor tag
  41. Retrive all the tag names in the javascript
  42. Inserting elements in the dom before the selector
  43. Difference between call and apply methods in Function object
  44. Retrieve the arguments dynamicaaly in the function
  45. Difference between setTimeout and setInterval
  46. Difference between == and === ?