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  1. joiner transformation
  2. Catching duplicates and best way to test slowly changing dimensions
  3. ETL/DW testing types
  4. Testing Challenges in ETL testing process
  5. ETL Testing techniques
  6. How can we categorize the testing in Data Warehouse or ETL Testing?
  7. ETL Vs Manual development
  8. Non-additive facts
  9. ETL process and steps involved in it
  10. Data modeling and data mining
  11. Active data wearhousing
  12. Virtual Data Wearhousing?
  13. Explain data wearhousing?
  14. Cube grouping
  15. Slowly changing dimensions
  16. Use of lookup tables and Aggregate tables
  17. Rreal time data-wearhousing?
  18. Conformed fact and dimensions
  19. BUS schema
  20. Data Purging
  21. Different problems that data mining can solve
  22. Different stages of data mining
  23. How to mine an OLAP cube?
  24. Data cleaning
  25. Why is data cube technology used for?
  26. Full load & Incremental or Refresh load
  27. Why ETL and when do we go for them?
  28. Explain mapping, session, worklet, workflow and mapplet
  29. Semi and non additive facts
  30. Connected and unconnected lookups
  31. What is ODS?
  32. Difference between ETL tool and OLAP tools
  33. What is ETL? ETL stands for?