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  1. Employee Performance Management Software
  2. When to stop testing? How do you know in QC?
  3. QC to track defects?
  4. How to open a Scheduler in QC?
  5. What is a Scheduler in QC?
  6. What is a Host Machine in QC?
  7. What is a Test Set in QC?
  8. Indication of steps in QC
  9. Generating project documents using the standard Reports in QC
  10. Usage of a filter in QC?
  11. Summary Graphs in QC
  12. Progress Graphs in QC
  13. Types of graphs and reports in QC
  14. Importance of connecting a test case to test requirements in QC
  15. 2 ways of adding automated tests in QC
  16. Can we use QC for automation testing?
  17. What is an automated test in QC?
  18. Customizing requirements tree in QC
  19. What does document view show in QC?
  20. How to check which tests are linked to a specific requirement in QC?
  21. Categories of test requirements in QC
  22. Test Requirements in QC
  23. Limiting access to a Quality Center project
  24. Benefits of a test plan tree in QC
  25. Test Plan Tree in QC
  26. Linking requirements with a test in Quality Center
  27. Launching WinRunner from QC
  28. Where will be the user-defined fields added in QC?
  29. Currently supported user defined field types
  30. Benefits of User-defined fields
  31. User-Defined field in QC
  32. Built-in tables does QC have?
  33. Table in QC project?
  34. Control the access to a QC project
  35. Creating project in Quality Center
  36. Data sources (databases) does QC use to store and manage data
  37. Quality Center Project
  38. Features of Quality Center
  39. Phases of Quality Center process - QC
  40. The usage of Quality Center
  41. What is Test Lab?
  42. Coverage status, what does it do - QC
  43. Main purpose to storing requirement in Quality Center
  44. Switch between two projects in Quality Center
  45. QTP as an automation tool in Quality Center
  46. Export test cases from QTP into QC
  47. Save the tests Executed in test lab in QC
  48. What is Business Component in QC?
  49. Exporting files from QC to Excel/Word?
  50. Import test cases from Excel/Word to Quality Center
  51. 'Not covered' and 'Not run' status in QC
  52. Generate the defect ID in Quality Center
  53. Status in QC if you give Suggestion to the Developer
  54. Duplication of bugs in Quality Center
  55. Maintain test data in QC
  56. Instance in QC?
  57. Purpose of Creating Child Requirement in TD/QC
  58. Difference between Quality Center and Bugzilla
  59. Difference between TestDirector and Quality Center
  60. Quality Center used for what purpose? Benfits and Features of QC?
  61. Quality Center?