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  1. Example for Binary to decimal and decimal to binary conversions
  2. Example program to Copy a file from one location to another location
  3. Example program for the text effect in VB
  4. Example program to parse fixed length strings in VB
  5. Counting the number of instances of a string in VB example
  6. How to converting a hex string to a long-example in VB
  7. Example program to findthe position of the first character from a list in VB
  8. Example program to Get strings on either side of special character in VB
  9. Example for custom Trim() on an input string in VB
  10. Example program that Replacing a section of string with another in VB
  11. Example program to search for a specific string and replace it with another in VB
  12. Example program to search and Replace Text in VB
  13. Example program to reverse a string using a byte array in VB
  14. Example program for replace value in VB
  15. Example program to get the specific token from a delimited string list in VB
  16. Example program to trim the String in VB
  17. Example program to convert Hex string to Long in VB
  18. Example program to convert an array to a string and a string to an array in VB