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  4. What is the difference between hadoop and cloud computing or both are same?
  5. What kind of technology is Hadoop?
  6. what is Big Data?
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  9. Installation of cloudera VM on PC
  10. Hadoop can be compared to NOSQL in Cassandra?
  11. Why ‘Reading‘ is done in parallel and ‘Writing‘ is not in HDFS?
  12. Two types of writes in HDFS
  13. Separate servers for namenode and datanodes?
  14. Hadoop short interview questions
  15. What is Key value pair in HDFS?
  16. Working of Map and Reduce in HDFS
  17. What is MapReduce in Hadoop?
  18. Difference between Gen1 and Gen2 Hadoop
  19. Secondary namenode in HDFS
  20. Rack2 and datanode failed
  21. Data storage on rack in HDFS?
  22. What is rack in HDFS?
  23. Job trackers and task trackers present on the same machine?
  24. Increase in datanode requires upgrade in namenode?
  25. Identifying the datanode is full?
  26. Indexing in HDFS?
  27. Benefits of block transfer in HDFS?
  28. BLOCK in HDFS?
  29. Namenode and job tracker on the same host?
  30. Heartbeat in HDFS?
  31. Namenode and Datanodes are same in terms of Hardware?
  32. What is a task tracker in HDFS?
  33. What is a job tracker in HDFS?
  34. What is a daemon?
  35. HDFS used for large data sets and why not HDFS used when there are lot of small files
  36. What is Datanode in HDFS?
  37. What is metadata HDFS?
  38. Namenode is commodity hardware?
  39. What is Namenode in HDFS?
  40. Commodity hardware?
  41. What is streaming access in HDFS?
  42. What is throughput and how does HDFS gets a good throughput?
  43. What is the Fault Tolerance?
  44. Key features of HDFS?
  45. What is HDFS?
  46. Structured and unstructured data?
  47. Analysis of Big Data is useful to companies?
  48. Core components of Hadoop?
  49. Differences between traditional RDBMS and Hadoop?
  50. Hadoop history?
  51. Characteristics of Hadoop Framework?
  52. Data Scientists?
  53. How big is Big Data?
  54. Characteristics of Big Data?
  55. Examples of big data?
  56. What is big data?
  57. Command to print the hadoop file data on the console
  58. Hadoop Federation
  59. Hadoop distributed file system
  60. Hadoop Overview
  61. Why hadoop is needed