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  1. What is the .NET datatype that allows the retrieval of data by a unique key?
  2. How can I learn Oracle dba skills?
  3. Is someone use PHP7?
  4. How do you switch from an init.ora file to a spfile?
  5. How to configure Oracle XE
  6. How to convert a column from string to number
  7. How to Track the Computer Name who modified the APEX Pages
  8. How to write a procedure to execute set of queries automatically
  9. Oracle Certification name
  10. Best Oracle OAF Online training in USA,UK, Canada, Australia,Singapore, Malaysia.
  11. Oracle - complete Solution - 21st Century Software Solutions
  12. I can't see new topic
  13. Building Fact table for a data mart
  14. Import data from xml to oracle table using get perameter() Aurgent
  15. oracle plsql variables usage example
  16. Cursor FOR Loops Example in oracle plsql
  17. how to get the salary in descending order with out using the keyword desc in sql
  18. Difference between decode and case statements / functions
  19. SQl Query to select two values or rows randomly - oracle
  20. Want to display 12 months name from sql server
  21. Check the avaiblity of username in Registraion form
  22. python django and old fashioned SQL queries
  23. Recursive SQL with more tables
  24. open large file in excel
  25. Sqlite database optimization
  26. "multi-part identifier could not be bound" error
  27. How to retirve data with multiple join in my sql?
  28. SQL - setting two different values in one line of SQL
  29. INSERT INTO from two different server database
  30. Update statement is not working
  31. Can not reinstall Analysis service
  32. How to encrypt data using same algo in SQL
  33. SQL get difference between rows values?
  34. mysql delete earlier datas if max(id) - min(id) > 50,000
  35. Updating CLOB field in Oracle
  36. Errors when trying to connect to a database using VBA in excel
  37. SQL Error when I use a single quote in a description box
  38. Streamline pricing sheet to many different formats? [closed]
  39. Using an IN statement in a subquery, when the subquery value assesed is an array
  40. Calculate diffference between 2 dates in SQL, excluding weekend days
  41. Inserting TIMESTAMP data in MYSQL? Error "MYSQL version for the right syntax to use n
  42. left outer join after a inner join linq c#
  43. For search purposes: HTML files or store content in database?
  44. I need to code a dynamic report builder in ASP.NET, where should I start?
  45. Calling SQL foreign key data with PHP
  46. SQL statment updates only one user data
  47. Joining Statements IN MVC 4
  48. sql php find field value from updated row
  49. MS SQL Server - use Case Statement to create a single row from 3 records
  50. Counting unique values in all table columns [closed]
  51. Can using isnull in a where statement cause problems with using indexes?
  52. Is there a way to generate a ~million mac addresses more efficiently?
  53. SQL help in php queries
  54. How to pass $node->nid into update statement
  55. How do I sort a VARCHAR column in PostgreSQL that contains words and numbers?
  56. Returning count() of items in last 30 days as part of LEFT JOIN statement
  57. Get n random records where n is stored in a table [closed]
  58. inconsistent datatypes: expected NUMBER got BINARY
  59. RMAN backup script failing
  60. Oracle Columns to Rows
  61. how many data available in table using row count not working
  62. if in another table, SQL
  63. Join table on itself for unique row combinations for calculations
  64. Searching by multi-select facets
  65. Filtering sqlite - performing actions one by one
  66. mysql error while creating a table
  67. Postgresql unnest() with element number
  68. Is there anyway to export PostgreSQL schema condensed?
  69. Conditional Where clauses in JasperReports
  70. How to switch sql-2005 Select Case When T-sql Naming?
  71. MySQL Merging my selects together
  72. Large Transaction Log Backups in Service Broker-enabled system
  73. SQL using IF ELSE statement based on count to execute different insert statements
  74. Restructuring the database after deleting a row
  75. DATEDIFF Getting the previous month
  76. Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row:
  77. Synchronise Table Data every particular time interval SQL Server
  78. SqlDependency vs SqlCacheDependency
  79. How to find all (group-based) rows containing MIN/MAX values for a particular column
  80. Adjacency Matrix from Java to SQL
  81. SQL: populate a table with variables defined in another table
  82. Designing A Database For User Friendship
  83. Remove white space from isql output
  84. why this interesting result with this mysql query...?
  85. Mysql Select Timestamp in intervals
  86. Create a table and insert data in one statement MySQL
  87. Disable dapper.rainbow from using ID while inserting
  88. Why no windowed functions in where clauses?
  89. Aceess Query - If field is null dont output?
  90. Update statement to reorder a table queue
  91. Select data with certain pattern (href) following in sql server 2005 db
  92. Get Max Date for prev months based on a given date
  93. Oracle HR Schema Query
  94. System.InvalidCastException: Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types
  95. PL/SQL "between x and y" does not work, if y < x. Why?
  96. Converting time difference to a given format in Oracle
  97. why it is giving 403 Forbidden Error?
  98. Finding dependencies on a given function in Oracle.
  99. Oracle: how to UPSERT (update or insert into a table?)
  100. If Else Condition at Trigger in Oracle SQL
  101. uninitialized constant OCI8::Object::Mdsys::SdoGeometry
  102. Get the size of a mapping with attributes through a link table
  103. My database doesn't insert immediately
  104. oci_bind_by_name buggy with TO_DATE SQL function
  105. MySQL Query Quotes and such
  106. Simple MySQL Syntax Error
  107. Variable table name using dynamic SQL in C#
  108. Should I use DATE and TIME as fields rather than DATETIME
  109. How can an SQL query return data from multiple tables
  110. MySQL absentee report script
  111. oci_bind_by_name RETURNING INTO truncates value
  112. PyQt - Use SQL directly with QSqlTableModel
  113. PHP OOP Design for simple Models
  114. Object Design - User and Access Role in PHP with SQL
  115. Using post array from paypal
  116. Store database, good pattern for simultaneous access
  117. sort postgres table data in php through array
  118. Show the different value from a database field
  119. Union All Query takes too long
  120. how to merge 2 tables with one request
  121. Is it possible to simplify this SQL statement with multiple subqueries and JOINs
  122. Hive metadata not visible in Squirrel SQL
  123. How to create a database after installing oracle database 11g Express Edition?
  124. Downloading BLOB file with Oracle and PHP
  125. Mysql - Unique constraint on CAST(TIMESTAMP as DATE)
  126. Show account balance from multiple tables
  127. Turning multiple dbms query responses into the same type of variable (PHP)
  128. PHP - how to add to variable NULL value and save in into database?
  129. Update SQL with Where AND Where Conditions in codeigniter
  130. Oracle Database XE 11.2 - Create Database
  131. oci_connect Blank Page in PHP
  132. How to fill collection of oracle object in one query?
  133. Backend C# Loop with SQL Insert issue
  134. ORA-04071: missing BEFORE, AFTER or INSTEAD OF keyword Error
  135. Check for Duplicates in a Database Before Entering Data
  136. SQL design and / or PHP class for storing dynamic two-dimensional arrays?
  137. php quits connecting to Oracle
  138. Oracle SP array parameter in php
  139. ORA-00917 in php script
  140. Oracle ADF blind query triggered
  141. Using result of count(*) in oracle in an arithmetic expression
  142. Oracle query taking too long to execute random spikes
  143. how to get rowNum like column in sqlite IPHONE
  144. How to select one row in Oracle table?
  145. JOIN/Where CONCEPTS
  146. How to select non null columns in a single row result?
  147. Reforming movement timetable. Oracle
  148. Returning multiple variables with query
  149. create/change with sql in aspx page
  150. Oracle - Triggers to create a history row on update
  151. Can Foreign Key be null?
  152. ORA-01747: invalid user.table.column, table.column, or column specification
  153. LINQ-to-SQL Relationships/Associations
  154. Search a table for doc_names and compare with Codes Table?
  155. C# & Oracle 11g
  156. Select duplicate values in one column in a table
  157. Join exactly 1 record even if on condition match multiple records
  158. create db2 schema using jdbc
  159. SQL UPDATE (Cannot update more than 1 field)
  160. C# re-using SQLCommand
  161. Android SQLite Query - Getting latest 10 records
  162. Why doesn't insert the insert execute? [closed]
  163. How to export data with Oracle SQL Developer?
  164. Mysql : dump database along data
  165. How to schedule a job using dbms_scheduler
  166. How do you improve the design for my database struct?
  167. Use ORDER BY clause on foreign language field
  168. Insert from multiple related tables during database migrating
  169. Find closest date in SQL Server
  170. server link - mysql and sql 2008 server link
  171. Query Fine Tune
  172. How to save image in a project folder in C# winforms [closed]
  173. JPA Play framework
  174. Employee Absent Report
  175. Joining four tables to get data from left table
  176. select common rows and non-common rows between 2 tables
  177. How to find Oracle error log in 11gR2? [migrated]
  178. The given value of type DateTime from the data source cannot be converted to type dec
  179. Sql script to update a table in oracle [closed]
  180. How to set multiple column widths in a single command in Oracle?
  181. How to collect transactions from a different database table in Oracle Incentive Compe
  182. Auto Increment Alphanumeric ID
  183. Failing procedure for testing exception block
  184. is it possible to retrieve data from different databases from a single query?
  185. use database with conditional statement
  186. Scheduling Job not happening in dbms_scheduler
  187. Select `n` last inserted records in table - oracle
  188. SQL: Use values stored in table_1 to populate a column in table_2 based on a variable
  189. Dynamic columns in sql Join condition
  190. How to schedule a job to run at particular time using dbms_scheduler
  191. How to match unicode(Bangla) from oracle database(oracle-xe) using .net [closed]
  192. Can't get DISTINCT + GROUP to work with Postgres with two values
  193. mysql : check date range
  194. how can i filter (where clause) by an aggregate field in SQL
  195. SQL: Retrieving custom profile field, banned status and inactive status
  196. MS Access: How to replace blank (null ) values with 0 for all records?
  197. Should I be using a LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN with derived tables, a different table desi
  198. Database migration via sql developer
  199. linked server time out logic
  200. Make column not nullable in a Laravel migration
  201. Recursive SQL query - using results from query within query
  202. Remove Blank Line In Between Select Queries When Spooling to CSV File
  203. SQL newbie: Use current date as variable in SQL query
  204. Big joins or multiple fetches most efficent?
  205. Group By and displaying entries under date and display count
  206. IMPORT SQL Query in Android [closed]
  207. MySQL get all rows in which one field belongs to array, and all members have a common
  208. Make a selection in 2 tables with only one SQL request [closed]
  209. Weird MySQL behavior with COUNT
  210. How to insert JComboBox selected item to SQL
  211. PHP store time as var help !
  212. SQL schema design [closed]
  213. Rollback Transaction SQL
  214. entering datas of php page to database
  215. Need help designing ERD for food bank
  216. SQL query align sequence of events in one row
  217. How do I create Insert Update trigger on SQL Server 2008
  218. Passing baseParams to PHP with JSONStore (ExtJS 3.4)
  219. Select distinct field along others query while statement is done
  220. Laravel Inserting nested Eloquent ORM model
  221. Get string by integer
  222. How to return text before new line and ** charactrers in PostgresSQL
  223. Update one MySQL table with values from another
  224. Delphi Error Importing String into Clientdataset Widestring
  225. group by repeating attribute
  226. Generic SQL Query for Empty Database
  227. Oracle Unicode problem when using NLS_CHARACTERSET is WE8ISO8859P1 and NLS_NCHAR_CHAR
  228. Does or can MySQL use dictionary internally? (or COW)
  229. SQL and C# retrieving a single record from database
  230. Order by followed by dependent order by
  231. RCU Installation issues
  232. MySQL statement using JOIN, ON and WHERE together doesn't work
  233. Appointment scheduling in oralce PL/SQL?
  234. Needed a dummy month to be displayed - Oracle SQL
  235. How to manage huge unstructured Data. Any open source database except mysql? [closed]
  236. How to check another MYSQL join based on a previous join?
  237. Drop all the tables, stored procedures, triggers, constriants and all the dependencie
  238. Retrieving the salary from the employee table query
  239. SQL joining three tables to result in two columns, based on a DATE condition
  240. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error message
  241. printing rank of a player and his(her) neighbors
  242. Optimising an ActiveRecord count query
  243. How to count all instance in the join for each row?
  244. Identifying IDs whose transactions satisfy a specific condition
  245. Running an AMD compiler [closed]
  246. IF statement in a WHERE clause
  247. select .... where something equal with chinese characters
  248. Subquery returns more than 1 row in mysql
  249. SQL Bind only the Time Component Of DateTime in GridView
  250. is there a downside to putting N in front of strings in scripts? Is it considered a "