Datastage history :
Datastage was formerly called Ardent DataStage added to the WebSphere family and followed by Ascential DataStage and in 2005 was acquired by IBM. Beginning from 2006 its official name is IBM WebSphere Datastage as well as to IBM InfoSphere Datastage it continues to be renamed in 2008.
Datastage variants :
Datastage online training is available and fully supported under windows and unix environments.

Datastage Versions:
Server Edition - supports and features server occupations and occupation sequences. Occupations are compiled into Basic.
Datastage Enterprise Edition - contains concurrent occupations, server jobs and occupation sequences. Jobs are compiled into OSH and also the application is far more scalable compared to the server variant. The following product names also apply for this variant of Datastage: IBM Websphere Datastage, IBM Websphere Information Server, IBM InfoSphere Information Server, IBM InfoSphere DataStage.
MVS Edition - for mainframe systems.
DataStage components
The core DataStage client programs are not unusual in all variations of Datastage; those are:
Administrator - Administers DataStage manages global settings, jobs and interacts with the system
Designer - used to create occupation sequences and DataStage jobs which are compiled into executable applications. It is a main module for programmers.
Manager - manages observation and running DataStage jobs. It's mainly utilized by operators and examiners.
Manager - for browsing, managing and editing the data warehouse metadata repository.

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