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Thread: Mobile/Game testing

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    Mobile/Game testing

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm curious to know what is mobile or game testing? Is it the same how one tests the software applications or how it is different from the regular application testing?

    It would be helpful if someone answers the above as I may have to work on mobile testing in very near future.

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    The basic testing which i am assuming in mobile applications are:

    1. Check compatibility of the mobile application by installing in different mobiles.
    2. If it is game, you have to play the game in different mobile devices to check for the bugs. Bugs include like proper graphics, speed of the game, smoothness of the games etc. Simulators will be there to play the game. You have to do a complete functional testing like Contorls are working properly or not.
    3. In case of application, the same functionality testing will be there. If the app is connecting to internet and gets data, you have to check whether it is getting the right data or not.

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    Mobile Testing

    Mobile application testing is testing the application functionality in the sandbox environment provided by the mobile.
    Testing how the application behaves when its installed in the device. Looking into things like :
     Did the desired features of the application met.?
     Did the application functionality / performance can be improved?
     How is application behaving when there is no network.
     How application behaves when the device is in critical state(Eg: low battery low memory low ram etc)?

    Please let me know if you need any other information.


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    I think this article Main characteristics of testing applications on mobile devices will be helpful if you're planning to work on mobile testing

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    i want to share a good website to you,which you will be learn more about mobile testing.wish everything well!

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