Could you please help to solve the issue below?
Following error message pops up when connecting Samba, deployed on Linux, shared folder from Win2012 in domain A.
Error Message \ ip\ is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource.

  • Redhat Enterprise 5.7
  • SELinux is set as disable
  • Iptables is stop
  • Samba Version is 3.0.33
  • Samba config file includes following information
    • workgroup = WORKGROUP
    • IPs have been added in “hosts allow” list

Firewall is off. Not find any blocked messages in the log of symantec endpoint protection.
A. Samba shared folder can be accessed on Win7(domain A) and Win2012(domain B), but cannot be accessed on Win2012(domain A), please refer to table below.
B. When adding a new network location on Win2012(domain A), samba shared folder can be added successfully, but cannot be accessed.

Domain OS Can access?
A Win7 Yes
A Win2012 Server Standard No
B Win2012 Server Standard Yes

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