Please advice , how to verify the program that execute the process ?
For example
the following commands ( ps -ef ) will view the process sendmail in case this process is running

ps –ef | grep sendmail root 9558 9544 019:05? 00:00:00/usr/sbin/sendmail-FCronDaemon-i-odi-oem-oi-twhat I want to find is the script that execute the binary /usr/sbin/sendmail
so my question – which flags I need to add to the syntax "ps –ef" in order to get from ps –ef the full details , include which program running the process
is it possible ?

  • Example and remark

If/etc/rc3.d/sendmail run the binary /usr/sbin/sendmail
Then I expect to see the /etc/rc3.d/sendmail from the command ps –ef …….

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