I'm trying to access a VM Linux Web Server from Internet but as response I get the server's internal IP.
Physical PC: Windows 8 running on IP x.x.x.10 (internal) and y.y.y.y (external/internet)
Virtual Server: Debian 7.3 + Apache2, running on a Hyper-V machine, IP x.x.x.11
Router: D-Link DMG-6661 with 'Applications' and 'Virtual Server' set on both :80 and :7080, pointing to x.x.x.11
Inside my network everything works fine, I'm able to access my web page using both x.x.x.11:80 and x.x.x.11:7080.
Outside my network, lets say at work, if I try to access y.y.y.y:80 or :7080 I get ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED and the address on my browser changes to x.x.x.11!
What am I missing here?

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