I have a hadoop cluster of 16 ubuntu machines (ubuntu 12.04 servers). Until recently, all of them had public IPs and there was no problem connecting to any of them with ssh from my local machine.
Recently, my cluster provider decided to let me have only one public IP and allowed me to create a private network.
So i kept only one public IP for one machine (master), and added every machine to the private network (including master).
Every machine in the private network can communicate with each other without problem.
Now, when I try to connect to master through ssh from my local machine, using its public IP, I get a connection timeout. I can only access the machine from my provider's GUI. If I remove master from the private network, I can still acess it through ssh.
Any ideas?
PS: I think that the question is slightly different than this one, since I don't know anything about the router. I just know the public IP of the machine I want to connect to.

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