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Thread: How to know the people on my website are from which country?

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    How to know the people on my website are from which country?

    Folks, How do I know the people are from which country surfing my website? I know google analytics will give this but it gives at the end of day. So I want to know who are all accessing my site from which country. Any other tool does this instantly?

    Thanks in advance!

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    There are a number of such tools. Just type in "stat information" in the search window at Google and you ought to find a number of free tools that can provide you with this

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    You can go for "statcounter". All you need to do is sign up and insert the code on your website. There is a tab in your account "Country/State/City/ISP", there you can see visitor come from which country. I am using this on my website: Online PNR Status.

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