Suppose I use Huawei NE40 router and I implement PQ scheduling for EF VoIP flow and WFQ scheduling for AF flows. According the documentation, EF flow will be scheduled first, but it is good to limit its bandwidth in order to avoid packets starvation of lower priority flows, such as AF.
Checking HedEx and for NE40E-X3, I can only use the command using shaping, like this

interface gigabitethernet6/0/6
port-queue ef pq shaping 100 outbound

By using this command EF flow will be limit, but also will be shaped and then delayed, which is not good for real-time flows such as EF flow. It happen the same for others devices, for instance, S9303 switch.
Does this mean EF flow can't be rate limit without delay and low priority flows will suffer packets starvation?