I want to disable the "switch to plain text editor" in the CKEditor apperance.
The only problem is that there is no valid option for that in the system settings in CKEditor so I want to disable it with CSS. Here is the issue. I can't display it to none, wont lissen to my rules.
Here is the HTML for the "Switch to plain text editor"

Switch to plain text editor and I have tested all the classes and id rules by following:

.ckeditor_links a { display: none !important; } I tested with !important just to make sure it will go with that rule.
and the same goes with the ids. Now I tested to display: none with all the a tags in the CKEditor apperance and it worked perfectly and the "switch to plain text editor" went away, so I figured it has something to do with that it wont respond to the classes and ids?
I find it intresting that it wont respond to this class but for all tags it will? Wired? Can somone try help me through this one?
Thank you very much,

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